Wednesday Words: authenticity

I will write about you.

To be specific, I will write about how my experiences with you influenced me as a person.

Same goes for dragons. If one showed up in my back yard it would be a safe bet that I’d be writing about dragons.

Experiences with humans and dragons – both great things to write about.

•    •    •    •    •

I enjoy reading the author bio on the inside of a book jacket where it gives a few interesting facts about the author. Often the setting of the book is near or where the author lives.

The streets they drive on, the coffee shop they stop at, the people they know –  all parts of their story. So why would it not influence their work?

If they have found their authentic writing voice, you can count on an author drawing from their life experiences to tell their own story.

In our home, we talk a good deal about our stories. Everyone has a story to tell and they own that story – no one else. For example, I will never write about a family member’s struggle with depression.

But I will write about what it’s like to parent in that situation. That is my perspective and unique experience.

•    •    •    •    •

Lately, I have struggled with writing. In an attempt to suppress feelings and experiences so that they did not make an appearance in my words, I lost the authenticity that makes the words flow onto a page.

But as I write this, I am moving past that obstacle. If someone chooses to take my writing and make the words about them, perhaps they need to make an appointment with their conscience.

Their guilt is calling.

There is also a good chance that I’m not writing about a specific situation or person but rather a collective pile of emotions. I am not willing to give a single person that kind of power over my life or my writing. Unless you’re a dragon, of course.

And if so, let’s talk.

I write for myself and for the shared experiences of others. If one person reads and feels less alone, acknowledged, encouraged, or amused then my writing has fulfilled my intent.

So I will write about you – for the sake of authenticity.

Until the dragon shows up. Then everyone will be off the hook because it will be all dragons all the time.


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